This claims administration website was updated on March 14, 2022

Both the Maximum Entitlement and Pro Rata Distribution payment amount are posted in the Claimant’s online claim file at

Claimants will be paid their Pro Rata Distribution Amount and NOT their Maximum Entitlement Amount.

Pursuant to the Plan of Allocation:


  1. The Distribution for each Authorized Claimant will be calculated by the Administrator by dividing the Compensation Fund by the “Total Damages” to calculate a per dollar of Total Damages distribution amount defined herein as the “Pro Rata Distribution”.
  2. The Administrator will then multiply the Pro Rata Distribution by the Maximum Entitlement for each Authorized Claimant to arrive at the Distribution to be paid to each Authorized Claimant.

No Distribution shall be made by the Administrator in respect of any amount under $100, and the name(s) of the Authorized Claimant(s) with claims under this amount shall be excluded from the Distribution List in respect of such claims.

A decision of the Administrator in respect of a claim and any Claimant’s entitlement to participate in or receive a share of the Distribution, subject to the Claimant’s right to elect to refer the decision to the Referee for review, will be final and binding upon the Claimant and the Administrator.

Pro Rate Distribution payments will made by cheque and sent by regular mail.


“Authorized Claimant” means a Class Member who: (i) submitted a properly completed Claim Form with the calculation of their Maximum Entitlement and all required Supporting Documentation to the Administrator on or before the Claims Bar Deadline; and (ii) is eligible to receive a Distribution from the Compensation Fund;

“Compensation Fund” means the Settlement Amount less Class Counsel Fees, Administration Expenses and the Honorarium;

“Distribution” means payment to Authorized Claimants in accordance with this Plan of Allocation, the Agreement and any order of the Court;

Maximum Entitlement means an Authorized Claimant’s actual loss on Qualified Shares, as calculated pursuant to the formula set forth in the Plan of Allocation;

“Pro Rata Distribution” means the Distribution per dollar of Total Damages;

“Total Damages” means the aggregate of all Authorized Claimants’ Maximum Entitlements;

It is important that Class Members and Claimants check the website and/or log into the online claims administration portal on a regular basis for updates in regards to the claims administration and their individual Claim Form.

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    Please note: if you did not have an email address at the time of submitting your Claim Form, or you have since changed your email address and no longer have access to the previous email address, please send Trilogy an email with the updated email address, and will will assist you. You may be required to answer verification questions to confirm we have the correct individual.

Please take care of yourself and others.

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